Carbon monoxide sickened one man in an industrial building on Meade Street Tuesday morning, fire officials say.

People inside the mixed-occupancy building reported a strong odor and feeling ill, which prompted the dispatch of the fire department's Hazmat unit.Upon arrival, Battalion Chief John Panacek said firefighters noticed the odor, but determined it was not to blame for the symptoms.

Trenton EMS took one man to Capital Health System at Fuld hospital with difficulty breathing, Panacek said, and air testing showed high levels of carbon monoxide in the area where the man was working.

Panacek said the area lacked ventilation and was near where delivery trucks would be idling. The carbon monoxide levels were not very high, so he suggested the owner install carbon monoxide detectors.

The sickened man was undergoing blood work at the hospital, and doctors were advised of the carbon monoxide condition. Panacek said the odor came from large quantities of mechanic's body putty being repackaged in the building.

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