An East Windsor man died Sunday from injuries sustained in a Saturday evening crash, police said.Alvin Townsend, 28, was traveling east on Levitt Parkway on his motorcycle when he collided with a car driven by Noah Pierre, 19 of Willingboro.Noah Pierre MYSPACE PAGE

Police dispatched just after 9:30 p.m. found Townsend unconscious,EMT's splinted him with a C-collar and back board.He was then handed off to flight paramdics.He was taken by helicopter to Cooper Trauma Center in Camden. Townsend was pronounced dead early Sunday, police said.

Pierre and a front seat passenger complained of pain but refused medical treatment. Pierre was issued a summons for failure to stop and yield at a stop sign.

Police and the Burlington County Prosecutor's Office are investigating.


Anonymous said...

This is so sad... Alvin was a wonderful guy. He will be so missed by everyone.

Anonymous said...

Rest in peace Alvin

Anonymous said...

ok...before you treat alvin like he was some angel, maybe you should get the facts. he was in THIRD gear. that's at least 70mph in a 40mph zone.

Anonymous said...

Fuck You bitch you don't know my friend. No matter how you look at it that fucking young no brain bitch still killed my friend. i didn't want to be bitter but comments like that really hurts, to people who knew Alvin. We Love you Alvin And HE is OUR ANGEL. "NEVER FORGOTTEN"