MONOC to Utilize Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physicians to Provide Prehospital Medical Consultation to Paramedics

On June 16, 2015, MONOC will begin utilizing Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physicians at Newark Beth Israel Medical Center to provide prehospital medical consultation to Paramedics caring for children under 13 years of age. Paramedics will speak to these highly specialized physicians via phone for all children under 13 who required advanced care. According to Dr. Mark A. Merlin, MONOC’s System Medical Director and Chief Medical Officer, "We know that children do better when being cared for by Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physicians in an Emergency Department, so it only makes sense that the next logical step in providing even better pre-hospital care is to utilize these same specialty physicians while the child is still out in the field.” Merlin added, “We are excited to be leading the way in New Jersey to provide even better prehospital care for our children.”

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