Jersey city EMTs, stumbling upon accident, save man's lifeA trucker in his 50s who overturned in his vehicle along a highway in Pennsylvania last month has two Jersey City emergency medical technicians to thank for surviving the ordeal.

Bayonne residents Ramon Lizardo, 41, and Carmen Tyler, 40, EMTs with Amcare Inc., a Jersey City-based ambulance service, had just finished transferring a patient to a senior living community in Mount Carmel, Pa. on Sept. 10 and were returning to Jersey City when they spotted a blue truck upside down in a ditch along Interstate 81 in Manahoy Township.

The driver of the truck, whom authorities identified only as Frank, was hanging upside down and bleeding from a laceration on his face.

Lizardo said: "He was hanging by his seat belt and there was a lot of blood.

The man was in a dangerous position as head wounds do not clot easily and being upside down increases the flow of blood to the laceration, Lizardo said.

The man was also fading in and out of consciousness, the EMTs said.

The EMTs stanched the bleeding by pressing a rag against the man's head and kept him still until local emergency workers and firefighters responded to the scene.

Amcare Operations Director Joe Borer said Lizardo and Tyler "were in the right place at the right time."

"We're very proud of them, they conducted themselves professionally," Borer said. The driver was transported by local EMS

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