Jersey City Medical Center incompatence strikes again

The patient who walked out of the Jersey City Medical Center Wednesday morning has been found in good health, the man's sister said today.
Gerard Sutton, a psychiatric patient at another hospital who was at the JCMC for treatment of a heart ailment, was found this morning, his sister, Doreen Whigfall said this afternoon. Whigfall said the police brought him to the hospital, and thanked The Jersey Journal for an article that appeared in today's editions alerting the public that her brother was missing.

"I haven't talked to the police yet to find out how they found him," she said. "But I'm sure that article in the paper helped."

Whigfall said hospital called to notify her that her brother was back in their care, but "they didn't tell me who found him or where they found him."

Whigfall said her brother appeared OK, but did not say where he had spent the 40 hours since he walked out of the JCMC.

"I was just so relieved. I haven't slept. My pressure had been up," Whigfall said.

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