NJ EMS Legislative Initiatives
2008-2009 Legislative Session
July 1, 2008

A325 Requires certain ambulances to be equipped with global positioning
system technology; appropriates $500,000 to DHSS.
Last Session Bill Number: A1388
Quigley, Joan M. as Primary Sponsor
1/8/2008 Introduced, Referred to Assembly Homeland Security and State Preparedness Committee

A653 Allows certain volunteer firefighters, rescue and first aid squad
members to claim $500 income tax deduction
Last Session Bill Number: A1404
Doherty, Michael J. as Primary Sponsor, Vas, Joseph as Primary Sponsor, Biondi, Peter J. as
Co-Sponsor, Karrow, Marcia A. as Co-Sponsor
1/8/2008 Introduced, Referred to Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee

A1050 Requires Medicaid program to increase reimbursement for
ambulance services provided to Medicaid recipients who are also Medicare
eligible to Medicare rate.
Last Session Bill Number: A1314
Biondi, Peter J. as Primary Sponsor

A1260 Permits EMT, paramedic, or investigator for county medical
examiner's office to make determination and pronouncement of death under
certain circumstances.
Last Session Bill Number: A3867
Moriarty, Paul D. as Primary Sponsor

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