it's safe for both the victim and the caregiver- and fast, simple, and easy to use - and can be used for bleeding injuries in extreme low temperatures and will even clot heparinized (thinned by some medications that keeps it from clotting normally) blood.

Best of all, CELOX can be used as an immediate response for all external bleeding - even high pressure, high volume bleeding from major arteries - which saves time, eliminates decision-making and reduces blood loss.

CELOX is a granular hemostat powder intended for emergency use as an external temporary traumatic wound treatment. Pouring CELOX into the wound helps prevent blood loss and achieves hemolysis by coagulation. It reduces blood loss and significantly increases survivability of catastrophic bleeding wounds. It forms a strong gel-like clot that protects the wound and is easy to clean out.

CELOX is a proprietary blend of materials that contains Chitosan. It is both safe for the caregiver and the victim. It can control the most severe arterial bleeding, even when applied within moments of the onset of high pressure, high volume bleeds. CELOX works in hypothermic conditions, and will work when even on heparinized (thinned by some medications that keeps it from clotting normally) blood.EVERY REASON TO CHOOSE CELOX
CELOX is lightweight, small, and fits into a pocket. It is intelligently packaged to be safely opened with one hand and easily applied. CELOX is affordably priced and available in two small, lightweight, and compact package sizes - 15g (0.5 ounce) or 35g (1.25 ounce) with a shelf life of 3 years.

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