5 Car accident kills one in Hoboken

A five-car accident in Hoboken Saturday killed one person and injured at least nine others, police said.

A 36-year-old woman traveling twice the speed limit downhill on a viaduct that intersects Willow Avenue crashed into a car ahead of her at about 4:25 p.m. The resulting fiery multiple car crash claimed the life of the male driver of the car in front of her, police said.

A van traveling westbound on the viaduct swerved and hit one of the cars, police said.

The wife of the man who died was a front seat passenger in the first car that was hit, and was struggling for her life late last night. The nine other victims were spine splinted and collared by New Jersy EMT's and paramedics and taken to Jersey City Medical Center.

It was unclear Saturday night from which cars additional victims were taken.

The woman who caused the crash was traveling about 60 mph down the viaduct at Willow Avenue and 14th Street near the Lincoln Tunnel.

Police did not release identities of the victims Saturday night because the next of kin had not yet been notified.

Investigators from the Hoboken Police, State Police, and homicide squad of the Hudson County Prosecutor's Office remained at the scene of the accident late into the night.NEW UPDATE

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